What it takes to be a Business Support Assistant

Business Support Assistants help our Business Support Managers in delivering outcomes in a wide variety of work areas - from marketing to merchandising, from digital media to human resources. As such, patience, a keen eye for detail and a strong knowledge of your area of expertise is required to successfully perform the role. This demanding position requires great deal of planning, organisation and effort, so it’s essential that candidates possess strong project management skills, are self-motivated and quality-oriented.

It’s a balancing act between being friendly and approachable, and realistically managing people’s expectations

Sally, Business Support Assistant

The rewards – What’s in it for you: 

Market leading remuneration
Be part of a growing organisation
Comprehensive training
5 weeks annual leave

Being a hands-on role, great satisfaction is derived when real business challenges are solved. We offer generous remuneration packages, strong development opportunities and the ability to learn and develop as part of a dynamic team. 

The role challenges: 

Hard work
Fast paced
High pressure
Dealing with unexpected issues
Tight deadlines

The diverse nature of the business means there is pressure on our Business Support Assistants to solve a wide variety of business problems each and every day. It takes hard work, determination, a detailed knowledge of your area of expertise and the willingness to work long hours to meet tight. Above all else, our Business Support Assistants must be able to work autonomously to ensure projects are completed efficiently. 

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*Includes superannuation. Remuneration varies depending on location and ALDI experience.

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