What it takes to be a Graduate - Store Operations

Our graduate jobs aren’t easy but the greater the challenge, the greater the reward. To be considered for this program you must be in your final year of study or have recently completed a Bachelor or Master's Degree in any discipline. As an ALDI graduate, you’ll undertake a comprehensive 2 year program, rotating through different aspects of our business. You’ll have exposure to serving customers on registers, managing sections in our distribution centre, undertaking site meetings with our property team, and developing your skills as a leader - a career achievement you can be proud of.

Be successful and you’ll take on the role of Executive Manager at the end of the program, running 3-5 stores and a multi-million dollar business as if it were your own. A strong academic record and a passion for retail is a must, but more than that, we’re looking for natural leaders who are good with people and who can move beyond academic study to take on tough, mind-stretching retail challenges.

As an ALDI Graduate, you are given a lot of responsibility. Thankfully, you are surrounded by an amazing network of colleagues and leaders who are determined to help you succeed.

Ellen, Graduate - Store Operations

The rewards – What’s in it for you: 

Market leading remuneration
Be part of a growing organisation
Comprehensive training
Company car
High degree of responsibility

Sound tough? It is. But we’ll support you along the way. You will be paired up with a mentor and given the right tools and training to set you up for success. No other graduate program provides the opportunity to work in so many areas of the business in addition to leading successful teams and participating in exciting projects. The 2 year training program is comprehensive and allows you to provide solutions to real life challenges that positively impact the business. In addition, we offer industry-leading remuneration, a fully expensed company car and iPhone from your first week, and five weeks' annual leave.

The role challenges: 

Fast paced
Hands on work
Managing people
High pressure

It’s a fast paced and intense management based program with a lot of information to take on board. After two months, you can be leading a team of people with not only more ALDI knowledge than you, but more work experience than you - you’ll need to pick things up fast, and build strong relationships with your colleagues, team and leaders. You’ll need to be flexible, as you’re expected to move around the state for some short stints during the program. All ALDI roles are hands on in nature so if you’d prefer to sit back and watch this might not be the right fit for you. At ALDI we have high expectations of all our team, so you’ll be set new challenges every day and expected to deliver on them.

One thing's for certain though - the challenges may be great, but so are the rewards.

Program Locations: New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Australian Capital Territory, Western Australia
* Includes superannuation. Remuneration increases are staggered from $92k to $179k over a 5 year service period.

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