What it takes to be an Assistant Store Manager

Whether it’s managing rosters or cleaning up a spill in aisle 3, our Assistant Store Managers always lead from the front. To do this, all of our Assistant Store Managers must possess strong leadership skills, a positive attitude, high work standards and the ability to tolerate stressful situations. It’s a pro-active, goal-focused position for those who aren’t afraid of hard work.

There’s really no such thing as an average day at work. Things always fly from left field, so you have to think on your feet.

Keno, Assistant Store Manager

The rewards – What’s in it for you: 

Market leading remuneration
No day is the same
Comprehensive training
Progression opportunities

The role may be a challenging, but the high level of autonomy and responsibility, the ability to have a direct positive influence over your team, as well as generous remuneration makes it all worthwhile. In addition, all Assistant Store Managers undergo extensive training to equip them with the tools required to succeed and the opportunity to have your own store can arise after only 2 years.  

The role challenges: 

Hands on work
High pressure
Early morning starts
Managing people
Regimented process

The Assistant Store Manager role is indeed challenging, diverse and dynamic. To deal with the unexpected issues that present themselves daily, our Assistant Store Managers must be flexible and quick on their feet. 90% of their time is spent on the shop floor and only 10% in the office, so it’s hands-on and physically demanding. This is a job for natural planners with strong leadership skills and if you’re not organised and don’t want to get your hands dirty, this is not the role for you.

*Includes superannuation and predicted bonuses. Remuneration varies depending on location, contracted hours and ALDI experience. 

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