What it takes to be a Logistics Manager

These are the captains of our distribution centres. On an average day, our Logistics Managers will plan and delegate tasks to team members, coach and train new and existing team members and problem solve anything from how to optimise a delivery schedule for a growing store network, to how to intake hundreds of pallets of new products. Being a self-motivated, natural leader with excellent problem-solving skills is therefore essential to succeed in this role. Candidates must have extensive, relevant business experience, a university degree, and most importantly, the ability to lead from the front.

You’ve got to be able to think for yourself in this job. If you’re not open to change or up for a challenge, then this isn’t the job for you.

Amantha, Logistics Manager.

The rewards – What’s in it for you: 

Market leading remuneration
Be part of a growing organisation
Solve tough business challenges
5 weeks annual leave
High degree of responsibility

This role offers a high level of autonomy and responsibility - you’ll have the scope to plan and manage your workload and resources as you see fit. Do it successfully and watch the direct, positive impact that this has not only on your team but on the wider business as well. A successful Logistics Manager will directly contribute to our growth, so we ensure they receive excellent remuneration as well as comprehensive training across a wide range of disciplines.

The role challenges: 

High pressure
Fast paced
Early morning starts
Tight deadlines
Dealing with unexpected issues

It’s a fast-paced, demanding role with a heavy workload, so sometimes it can feel like there’s never enough time to stop and carefully think things through. With an ever-expanding store network, our Logistics Managers must continually be dynamic enough to adapt to ever changing challenges - working out how to best service a store network whilst still maintaining a competitive cost base. The Logistics Manager role is focused primarily on people - maintaining and developing their motivation is both the greatest challenge, and the greatest reward.

*Includes superannuation. Remuneration varies depending on ALDI experience.

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