What it takes to be a Warehouse Operator

Our business couldn’t operate without our quick-thinking, energetic Warehouse Operators. Working in our fast-paced Warehouse environment, our operators select products accurately, safely and efficiently for delivery to our stores. Good reading and numerical skills are a must. It’s physical work with long hours and can be tiring. But it’s also great exercise and you’ll soon find your rhythm. There’s great camaraderie and you’ll feel like everyone’s working towards the same goals- to meet deadlines and challenging targets. Shifts can start at 5am, so make sure your alarm clock works!

You gotta be motivated, and have a drive
to do the right thing and always work hard

Christopher, Warehouse Operator

The rewards – What’s in it for you: 

Market leading remuneration
Be part of a growing organisation
Comprehensive training
Progression opportunities
Excellent working conditions

Let’s predict your top two reasons for picking a new job in Logistics. Pay? Equipment? The good news is ALDI excels in both. Our pay is above industry standard, and we invest in first-class equipment and distribution centres. Our low staff turnover is a testament to these outstanding working conditions. We also offer extensive training in a dynamic logistics operation, flexible shift times and contracts, and an excellent team culture. 

The role challenges: 

Physically demanding
Fast paced
Early morning starts
Hard work
Regimented process

With an ever expanding store network, the work of our Warehouse Operators is never done. Whether it be taking in our fresh produce daily, or palletising our special buys to get them into the eager hands of our customers, it’s hands-on and physically demanding. To be successful, you need to be quick and efficient to meet our high pressure targets and deadlines. 

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