Area Manager Training Program

This tough and intense training plan is geared towards getting you ready to run your own business. We carefully monitor your progress throughout the course, and as soon as you’re ready, you’ll be responsible for 3-5 of your own stores. In addition, you’ll be given project work to learn new skills and showcase your ability.

Area Manager Training Program Overview

  1. Day 1

    Welcome to ALDI! You’ll be introduced to the regional team at head office and receive the keys to your company car...

  2. Week 1 – 3

    The program kicks off with three weeks of Induction. You’ll spend this time with an experienced Area Manager to gain a better understanding of the role.

  3. Week 4 – 9

    Six weeks of intensive in-store training, from shelf stacking to cash handling. This on the shop floor experience will well equip you in understanding ‘a day in the life’ of your team members and get you closer to the customer.

  4. Week 10

    Spend one week with an experienced colleague to gain and in-store experience from an Area Manager perspective.

  5. Weeks 11 – 17

    Learn all aspects of store management under the guidance of an experienced Store Manager.

  6. Weeks 18 – 22

    Receive the keys to your own store – it’s time to motivate the team and show you can take control running a multi-million dollar business.

  7. Weeks 23 – 24

    Annual leave: Two weeks of well-earned time off.

  8. Weeks 25 – 26

    Two weeks of Area Manager training, covering how to run a portfolio of stores and develop an exceptional team.

  9. Weeks 27 – 28

    Return to the Regional Office for further training. Gain an understanding of the support operations our network of stores require – accounts, purchasing, logistics, property and other vital business administration roles.

  10. Weeks 29 – 36

    Another round of Area Manager training – the focus for these 8 weeks will be broadening your management expertise from financial planning to store merchandising.

  11. Weeks 37 – 41

    Put your skills to the test and take control of an area whilst your mentor is on leave.

  12. Weeks 42 – 43

    Two week’s annual leave to refresh you for the final stages of the program.

  13. Weeks 44 – 49

    Demonstrate that you have the required skills and motivation to run a portfolio of ALDI stores by covering an Area for 6 weeks.

  14. Week 50

    Annual Leave: Congratulations, you’ve completed your training – time to relax!

  15. Weeks 51 – 52

    Review: Time for us to look back on your achievements over the past year. You’re now equipped to take on 3-5 stores.

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