Executive Manager - Store Operations Training Program

This tough and intense training plan is geared towards getting you ready to run your own business. We carefully monitor your progress throughout the course, and as soon as you’re ready, you’ll be responsible for 3-5 of your own stores. In addition, you’ll be given project work to learn new skills and showcase your ability.

Executive Manager - Store Operations Training Program Overview

  1. Weeks 1 – 2

    Introduction to ALDI and the Executive Manager - Store Operations role. You’ll spend this time gaining a better understanding of the role and receive the keys to your car!

  2. Weeks 3 - 7

    Spending time in-store will equip you in understanding a “day in the life” of your team and get you closer to the customers

  3. Weeks 8 - 12

    Learn all aspects of store management under the guidance of an experienced Store Manager

  4. Weeks 13 - 17

    Receive the keys to your own store - it’s time to motivate the team and show you can take control of running a multi-million dollar business

  5. Week 18

    Gain an insight into warehousing and distribution by working in your home regions Distribution Centre

  6. Weeks 19 - 23

    Time to run your own store again

  7. Weeks 24 - 25

    Annual Leave - You've earned it!

  8. Weeks 26 - 28

    Executive Manager - Store Operations training covering how to run a portfolio of stores and develop an exceptional team

  9. Weeks 29 – 31

    Join forces with an experienced Executive Manager - Store Operations who will provide additional Executive Manager training

  10. Weeks 32 - 33

    Expand your knowledge on the Executive Manager - Store Operations role

  11. Week 34

    Complete a project and present your findings to the Regional Director Team

  12. Week 35

    Gain an understanding of the support operations our stores require - Property, Purchasing, Quality Assurance, Procurement, Store Operations and Logistics Administration. You’ll gain a solid understanding of the wider business and how you fit in

  13. Weeks 36 - 38

    Under the guidance of an Executive Manager, put your training into practice by running a portfolio of 3-5 stores

  14. Weeks 39 - 42

    Put your skills to the test and take full control of an area whilst a colleague is on leave

  15. Weeks 43 - 44

    Time to recharge and relax with 2 weeks annual leave

  16. Weeks 45 - 46

    Spend 2 weeks with your mentor

  17. Weeks 47 - 50

    Take full responsibility for a number of stores whilst a colleague is on leave

  18. Week 51

    A well-deserved break

  19. Week 52

    Time for us to look back on your achievements over the past year. You’re now equipped to take on 3-5 stores of your own

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