Permanent Shift Manager Training Program

Do you have management ambitions, but you’re not quite ready for your own store? This may be the place to start. When you come onboard as a Permeant Shift Manager, you’re provided with comprehensive online and hands-on training that covers the fundamentals of how to run a store. So if you’re hungry to learn, we’ll teach you everything you need to know to succeed in the dynamic retail environment that is an ALDI store.

Permanent Shift Manager Training Program Overview

  1. Day 1

    Welcome to the program! Meet your store team and be assigned your buddy.

  2. Month 1

    Start your training by learning the basics of the retail assistant job, from running stock, serving customers and operating cleaning machines through to educating yourself on store policy and procedures. At the end of the month catch up with your Store Manager to talk about your progress.

  3. Month 2

    Work a range of in-store shifts - from early starts to late nights - to understand the different requirements involved. At this stage you will receive an introduction to shift management and will learn the basics of running a shift.

  4. Month 3 - 4

    Kick-off month 3 by focusing on store opening procedures. This includes leading and motivating your team, coordinating the running of stock and ultimately setting up your team to be ready for the day.

  5. Months 5 - 6

    At this stage the focus will turn to closing procedures. Here you will learn to order stock effectively, reset the store after a day of trade and prepare our Special Buys so they are ready for their on sale date. During this phase of your training your team will start to look to you for guidance in the absence of the store manager.

  6. Months 6 - 8

    At this point of your training you will begin learning the back end systems, updating rosters and performing other key administrative tasks a manager needs to know. You will also Put your management training into practice by running various shifts throughout the week. You’ll have to utilise everything you’ve learnt in order to balance all the challenges and priorities of a live store environment.

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