Retail Assistant Training Program

This intense three month training plan is geared towards getting you ready to be the ultimate multi tasker. We carefully monitor your progress during this period giving you constant feedback and support to ensure that you succeed.

Retail Assistant Training Program Overview

  1. Day 1

    Welcome to the program! Today you'll meet your store team.

  2. Month 1

    Start your training by learning the basics of the retail assistant job, from running stock, serving customers and operating cleaning machines through to educating yourself on store policy and procedures. At the end of the month catch up with your Store Manager to talk about your progression.

  3. Month 2

    Work a range of in-store shifts - from early mornings to late nights - to understand the different requirements involved. At this stage you will start to become more familiar with what is required from you whether you are undertaking an open, mid-day or close shift.

  4. Month 3

    By month 3 you’ll be starting to improve your skills and beginning to work independently. You will be able to run a load within a set time frame, be a master in till operation, build and maintain specials throughout the week and assist customers with their needs! At the end of the month catch up with your Store Manager to talk about your progression and set goals for the remainder of the year.

  5. Months 4 - 12

    Time to practice everything you have learnt! At this stage of your training you will be able to work independently and can start developing your skills further.

    *Sample training program. Training may vary depending on business needs.

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