Store Management Trainee Training Program

Want a springboard into a career in store management? This is the place to start. Our 3 year Store Management Trainee Program covers all the ins and outs of running a store, from ordering stock and rostering to education in management theory and long-term planning. So if you’re ready to take on the hard work, early mornings and late nights, we’ll teach you everything you need to know to succeed in the dynamic retail environment that is an ALDI store. 

Store Management Trainee Training Program Overview

  1. Day 1

    Welcome to the program! Today you'll meet your store team.

  2. Month 1

    Start your training by learning the basics of the store assistant job, from running stock, serving customers and cleaning machines through to educating yourself on store policies and procedures. At the end of the month, catch up with the store manager to talk about your progression.

  3. Months 2-3

    Work a range of in-store shifts to understand the different requirements involved. At the end of the third month, review the first three months of your training with your store manager and set goals for the remainder of the year.

  4. Months 4-6

    Commence your ALDI Management System training and begin to develop an understanding of leadership responsibilities and management theory.

  5. Months 6-12

    Put your training to work by operating as fully functioning store assistant for 6 months, undertaking a variety of shifts to continue to broaden your in-store knowledge.

  6. Months 13-15

    Kick-off the second year of the program with training on the back end systems. This covers how to place orders, operate the PC and perform other key administrative tasks a Store Manager needs to know.

  7. Months 15-17

    Learn how to run your own shift, from allocating resources to planning and putting structures in place.

  8. Month 18

    Undergo a second round of ALDI Management System training to refresh on leadership theory and responsibilities.

  9. Months 19-24

    Put your management training into practice by running your own shifts during various times of the week.

  10. Months 25-27

    Start your third year by focusing on long term planning, covering areas such as rostering, KPI setting and how to conduct stock take procedures.

  11. Months 27-36

    Time to practise everything you’ve learnt! Covering while store managers are on annual leave, you’ll have to balance all the challenges and priorities of a store environment when you run a store for extended period of time.

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