Imagine being part of a dynamic team that drives the core message of ALDI's national brand and tactical marketing campaigns. This isn't just a job; it's a role that breathes life into every catalogue, digital, paid, and owned media platform, spanning TV, radio, email, social, and out of home. But it doesn't stop there; you'll also be shaping the point-of-sale collateral in all our ALDI stores. Our Marketing team stands at the crossroads of creativity and strategy, working in close collaboration with departments across the organisation, notably National Buying and Store Operations. In this team, you have the power to shape how we connect with our customers, how we present our brand, and how we grow as a company.

Internal Communications

Our Internal Communications team carries the torch of the ALDI brand and translating our business priorities, initiatives, and changes into meaningful narratives for our internal audiences. Internally, you will be the voice that bridges our diverse Regions and National Offices, ensuring every member of our team feels informed, valued and connected. Your role in fostering a transparent, communicative and engaging work culture is crucial to our collective success.

External Communications

Our External Communications team carries the torch of ALDI brand and translating our business priorities, initiatives and changes into meaningful narratives for our external audiences. 

Externally, you'll be the gatekeepers of our public persona, shaping how our customers, suppliers, stakeholders and the government perceive us. Your story telling prowess will help consumers understand our value proposition and make informed choices. Your communication strategy will foster strong relationships with suppliers and stakeholders, ensuring a seamless synergy in our collective efforts.

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