ALDI – The Australian History

Since opening our first Australian store in 2001, we’ve become one of the fastest growing retailers in the country. With 360 stores nationally and a network of 8,000 worldwide, we are currently planning on opening many more stores in the South Australian and Western Australian markets.

In just a short time, we’ve managed to become one of Australia’s top ten retailers; influencing grocery prices, improving the perception of private label goods, and introducing a number of previously unseen market initiatives. We were awarded the Australian Retail Association’s ‘Australian Retail Innovator of the Year’ in 2009, and more recently, the ‘ 2014 Canstar Blue Most Satisfied Customers Award for Supermarkets in Australia’.

None of these achievements could have occurred without the passion, dedication and experience of our employees. So if you’re looking for a job that’s both interesting and rewarding, you’ve come to the right place. 

The ALDI Way

We offer our customers a smarter way to shop. The ALDI vision is ‘Enabling Australian shoppers to live richer lives, for less. 
Our exclusively branded products are of market leading quality, and always competitively priced. All products are continuously subjected to rigorous in-house and independent laboratory testing to ensure the quality standards are sustained. Maintaining exceptional quality at an affordable price means we don’t use expensive merchandising or loyalty programs. Our model is simple, yet effective.

Corporate Responsibility 

As an international company with over 100 years of retail experience, we have a great understanding of corporate responsibility. We’re committed to developing and maintaining outstanding social and environmental standards, and strive for integrity in our relationships with customers, business partners and relevant authorities. 

Supplier promise

Longevity and trust in our business relationships are essential to ensure we continue to provide high quality products to our customers at an affordable price. The ALDI Supplier Standards define our commitment to human rights and fair labour ethics. They are based on the:

•    United National Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
•    UN Conventions on the Rights of the Child.
•    Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women
•    International Labour Organisation (ILO) Conventions and
•    OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

The long-term success of our business is dependent on the sustainable sourcing of our products. We’re constantly striving to minimise both the resource intensity of our products, and the negative environmental impacts associated with their production. Some of our initiatives include:

•    Ranging Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified fish products, ensuring the fish used is in plentiful supply and is sourced from fisheries employing sustainable fishing methods.
•    Supporting children’s charity Barnardos and their important work by providing children’s books, clothing, bed linen, electrical items and other household goods to distribute to those who need them the most. 
•    Teaming up with Foodbank, Oz Harvest and Second Bite hunger relief charities to support the disadvantaged and people living in at-risk communities. We’re helping to feed over 50,000 Australians a day by proudly donating quality, nutritious food each day.
•    Becoming the first Australian supermarket to earn the Heart Foundation Tick of approval across a wide range of healthier exclusive branded products, from breads down to cooking sauces. 
•    Removing artificial food colours from all our branded food items and exclusive brand lines.
•    Joining forces with Planet Ark as the first supermarket in Australia to offer a free recycling service for household batteries in every store.

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